Tuesday, December 2, 2014


We have recently received some wonderful feedback in regards to the re-launching of our new www.4Boysgear.com web store. Friends and customers of the company who have known us since 2007, remember our old web store as a location to buy 4Boys Gear underwear and swim wear. That has not gone away. We will be launching our 2015 line of designer underwear and swimwear after the new year. But what we wanted to achieve in our new web store was a vast variety of products that would appeal to the MODERN URBAN MALE, both in the Untied States, and around the world. We have found over 400 items that we now sell, and our shipments are as diverse as our new product base. Shipments in the last week have been dispatched to South Africa, Mexico, Argentina, Japan, South Korea, Chile, Columbia, and the Philippines. We are very glad for this. We had wanted to attract guys from all over the world with a variety of products, from Underwear, and Gym Wear, to Jewelry, Casual Wear, Home Accessories, and many other products. In the New year, we will continue to find new brands, and feature them along with ours, giving our customers a great shopping experience. As part of that, we hope that everyone can appreciate that we look for items that are "cool", but also very affordable to a vast number of our customers. As many of you know, it is not as easy for certain people in other countries to afford products that can seem relatively competitive in the U.S.A, the U.K., Canada, and many other European, and even some Asian countries. So, when we look at a product, we try very hard to offer a range of prices that will appeal to many people from many lands. That makes our web store a truly international store, and over the coming days, weeks, and months, you will continue to see us adding new items and brands that may seem inexpensive to some, but very competitive in price to others. If you see an item at our store and it seems inexpensive, we hope that nobody will confuse that with low quality. We strive every day to work with quality suppliers, and factories. They produce for us quality goods that we are proud to sell. We has wanted some additional lines for the holiday season, but we simply could no get them in time to upload and have on hand to fill our orders. Even our line of 4Boys Gear garments was not ready, so we decided to wait, and not rush the process. Rushing a garment through production, will always lead to flaws, and poor quality. We also had a few lines of casual shirts, and other products that were simply not ready to sell for the holidays. We hope that everyone who visits our site will see that we have put together a unique and diverse range of products to buy for personal use, or a as a gift. If anyone who like to suggest products that will enhance your shopping experience with us, please leave us a comment on our Home Page. We hope that is this a terrific holiday season to all our many fans, customers, and friends. www.4Boysgear.com

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