Saturday, December 13, 2014


UNICO is a brand that we have always had a great deal of respect for. They produce a quality piece of merchandise, and offer it to the public for reasonable prices. You don't have to go to a sex shop to buy their product. It is always well constructed, always well finished, and attractive for most every guy from every back ground. While some designers live on the fringe of "good taste" vs. "bad taste", UNICO keeps producing a garment that is welcomed by many men, from many different backgrounds. We are very pleased to offer UNICO brand at 4Boys Gear, and we hope for a long and happy relationship between our two company's, and our many customers. Take a look at some of UNICO's most recent styles. Most products, sell be between US$18.-$25. 

Come by to for a complete listing of products produced by our friends at UNICO.

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