Sunday, March 8, 2015

15% Additional Discount on Jewelry Orders at

For the month of March, 2015, we are pleased to offer our valued customers an additional -15% discount on all Jewelry purchases over $60.00. At checkout, simply add the code JEWLMARCH to receive your discount, on already sale merchandise. Save up to 40% on many stylish Bracelets, Necklaces, Cuff-Links, and Tribal and Leather Jewelry.

Order soon, while we still have inventory of these many different styles.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Blue Collar Apparel, the makers of Blue Collar Underwear have truly upped their game and presence in the fashionable underwear community with their new 2015 Spring Collection. We are 4Boys Gear are very pleased to have a working relationship with Blue Collar, as they break out and enter the next level of their development, as an important brand of products in the designer underwear industry.

Blue Collar, has revamped their collection to add some fabulous colors, and also to create some original designs of tasteful, but very sexy underwear items. And in doing this, have been able to bring these new items to market for all less than $25.00 a garment.

We also especially like that they had introduced many of these new items using pure cotton, as many consumers still prefer the natural fabric over synthetic fabrics. So, whether you you like cotton, or you like the feel of a silkier, sleek fit, from man made materials, Blue Collar offers both to the customer, along with style, and design. 

Of the over 20 new styles, we would like to share just some of these new designs with you.

All these new items are now available at

Saturday, December 13, 2014


UNICO is a brand that we have always had a great deal of respect for. They produce a quality piece of merchandise, and offer it to the public for reasonable prices. You don't have to go to a sex shop to buy their product. It is always well constructed, always well finished, and attractive for most every guy from every back ground. While some designers live on the fringe of "good taste" vs. "bad taste", UNICO keeps producing a garment that is welcomed by many men, from many different backgrounds. We are very pleased to offer UNICO brand at 4Boys Gear, and we hope for a long and happy relationship between our two company's, and our many customers. Take a look at some of UNICO's most recent styles. Most products, sell be between US$18.-$25. 

Come by to for a complete listing of products produced by our friends at UNICO.


We at 4Boys Gear are very pleased to introduce to you all our line of designer socks from the Pacific North West. We found this brand of socks, and when we began to work with the people and the brand, we received a number of letters, and notes, and hand written happy faces saying "thank you for your order" on our invoices. This is a terrific company, with terrific people, marking a great item. The socks sell for around US$13. a pair. We think that is a great value, considering other brands of this type sell at Macy's and Bloomingdale's for US$25.-$35. per pair. So, have a look at our collection, and head on over to, should like our products. Wishing you all a wonderful day!

Friday, December 12, 2014


4Boys Gear not only produces its own brand of designer underwear and swim wear, but in early 2014, we introduced a new collection of men's accessories that we feel are ideal for the MODERN URBAN MALE. Over the nest coming day, we will be showing you some of the collection, from 4Boys Gear made products to samples from the hundreds of unique items that we are currently selling. Today, we will be showing you a few classic designs of men's Stainless Steel Jewelry. Yes, we have our own Jewelry collection, and we hope you enjoy it. Most pieces are 1/2 to 2/3 less in price than at your local major department store.

Great items for personal use, or as a gift. Prices on the above items range from US$10.00 to US$39.00.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


We have developed a wonderful co-marketing agreement with the fine people at ROCKWOOD Undergrear. They produce a fine garment, using excellent fabric (mainly pure brushed cotton), and their prices are very competitive. The average price for any of their BOXER BRIEFS, as seen above are appox. $15. a pair at our store. Come and have a visit. We welcome your patronage.


We wanted to talk a little bit about customer service in today's modern retail setting. This topic came to light "en masse" the other day, when one of our real life "4Boys" started to receive malicious emails masked as "delivery notices" from Target Stores.

Most of us well remember the 2013 Christmas shopping fiasco when 30+ million people had their identity stolen via a hacking attack at Target Stores. Not only was it worrying to their millions of customers, but it also has a major impact on their holiday sales, as people were afraid to return to the stores, as they hard prior to the attack. Not to mention that Target tried to cover it up, to secure their holiday sales, and profits.

So, when one of our 4Boys started to receive these emails in his inbox, he was concerned that someone might have his information, and also that Target Stores should be concerned about new attacks, and hacking this holiday season. He was simply assuming they had taken extra precautions to assist their customers with these privacy issues this year.

So, with every good intention, he used Google to find the Contact Us phone number of Target Stores to report the continued phishing emails, and to advise them of this new potential threat.

THESE IS NO DIRECT NUMBER AT TARGET STORES FOR CONSUMERS TO REPORT HACKING, PHISHING, or other MALICIOUS web problems associated with Target Stores.  Even after 30+ million people had their information stolen from them, via Target Stores credit card processing system.

So, he had to use their general information phone number only to put on hold for over one hour, and having to listen to annoying announcements about Gift Cards, Sales, Promotions, Deals, Discounts, etc. Every crap piece of junk verbal spam they could fill on their "on-hold" announcements was there to be heard over and over again. Not even some decent crappy elevator music. After an our hour, he decided to simply give up. What he was hoping for, was to report this email issue, and even find out if Target Stores had a ready security department in place to assist its customers. Sometimes, and this is true for most banks, if you receive some malicious email, you can forward it to the bank (Bank of America has one, since I have used it before), and they will try to find he source and close it down before it can be abused. This is important especially for older people, who easily walk into these email traps quite easily. My Mother for example !!

So, with all that in mind, he emailed them, and told them of his concern. He had to fill out forms, and contact information, and answer why he was contacting them. As though, it is important why a customer contacts a retailer. But, in fairness, they are a big chain store and certain matters should be addressed by different departments. Within a day he received a generic letter about how sorry there were about his shopping experience, although he had never been in the store. Then they proceeded to tell him if he would email them the malicious email, they would be grateful. However, they did not send a return address to send this email. Then, they politely said thank you for shopping at target, and wished him a Happy Holiday.

Why do we write about this... Small Mom & Pop on-line retailers spend piles of money, adding badges proving their security, and that it is safe to shop at their store. These badges of trust cost small web stores many hundred's, if not thousand's of dollars per year, per store. Yet, the public hardly ever hears about hacking attacks at smaller web stores, as most of us are protected by the hosting company that services our web sites. We hope you will take a minute and give a look to small web stores, of every type, and for every product. We all work hard everyday. And if a customer has a problem, you can usually get satisfaction from us all within hours. We small retailers cant afford to lose a good customer by ignoring their needs or inquires. And if we left them on hold for hours at a time, we doubt they would buy from us again.

Our 4Boy got another email from Target Stores after 48 hours, 1 hour on hold, and 2 emails from him to them, asking for assistance. They asked him to send the email, which he had given up on, and deleted. So thank you Target Stores. There will be many more decent citizens, some old, some young, who will open this malicious email, and by doing so, will have a less happy holiday, then is suggested in your useless letters, or on-hold telephone announcements. At 4Boys Gear, we answer all requests, and try to do our best to make our customers shopping experience as positive, pleasant and safe as possible.