Saturday, November 29, 2014


Interestingly, the reason men buy designer underwear today is for a very simple reason, and it involves a change in our social fabric. Historically, men (and women) in the U.S.A. and most of western Europe would leave their homes after a shower, dressing and having their first cup of coffee. They would leave their homes, and return home mush as they had left them earlier that morning. This has been the normal for over 50 years now. But, in the late 1990's and growing steadily through the 2000's, and 2010's, the American and western European males life style has changed to include undressing, multiple times a day. There was a time when men left the home, and returned by 6:00 p.m; single or married. But, over the last 25 years, men now have included new activities that have made those past social "norms" outdated. The modern urban male, may get undressed at least two times a day, before returning home and undressing again. The popularity of the fitness gym, has given men the need to undress. To change from their street clothes to gym/work out attire. Additionally, the popularity of high end Spa's, and Massage therapy locations, again force the modern western man to undress, and then dress again. All of this in one day. This does not even include doctors visits, or even amateur sports teams practice sessions,etc. Along with the social change in male behavior, the advent and growth of the designer underwear industry, along with massive new product introductions to support these activities has blossomed. A 30 year old man going to the gym, or to a day spa, will have to undress, and prepare for his activity. The man of today prefers to look good, is trying to take care of himself, and is also naturally always trying to be "the peacock" with the most impressive feathers, in hopes of attracting a mate. it is built in genetics, and cannot be helped. So, it is no wonder that so many men are now willing and wanting to spend money on undergarments, that only 25 years ago, were considered a commodity, since no one would ever see the item, except for the wearer, this is the answer. Almost all men remember their Mother's telling them to always wear clean underwear, in case you are stricken down, and taken to the emergency room. That is ingrained in our social fiber. So it stands to reason that men will invest in a collection of undergarments that will be seen, and that will attract, and will impress others. All the while, making themselves feel good about themselves and boosting their self ego. Ask yourself a simple question. If you were on stage, addressing a group of people, would you want to wear a modern fashionable silk tie, or a clip-on paisley tie, with gravy stains. If you answer the modern silk tie, then you have answered why men want to look good in front of others even in a gym locker room, or a during a basic physical examination. The explosion of fashionable mens undergarments is in response to our changing social dynamics. So, what was considered silly, gay, or trashy some years back, is not quite the fashion, and I feel that this trend will remain for some time to come. So, buy a pair of colorful, sexy, charming, fun, exciting underwear, and feel over-dressed, while being undressed.

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